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  Veröffentlicht: 2007-10-18, Testbericht von:

  • Zusammenfassung:  In Windows Vista ist die Tablet-PC-Edition integriert. Das nutzt der Tablet-PC Lenovo Thinkpad X61t. Das Notebook im Convertible-Design ist mit Intels aktueller Centrino-Technik ausgestattet. Mobilität: Besonders lange hält das Thinkpad X61t im Akkub...

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  Veröffentlicht: 2008-03-09, Testbericht von:

  • Zusammenfassung:  Lenovo recently sent me a review unit of the ThinkPad X61, one of their ultraportable notebooks in the ThinkPad lineup. It’s thin, light, and has the ThinkPad features we’ve come to love, but is it missing anything? Inside the X61 we received...

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  Veröffentlicht: 2008-02-01, Testbericht von:

  • Zusammenfassung:  As we approach the end of the first decade of the third millennium, it is easy to forget that the original IBM ThinkPad was a pen computer, and a tablet at that. That was all the way back in 1992 or so. Consumer tastes dictated a switch to a notebook c...

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  Veröffentlicht: 2007-11-29, Testbericht von:

  • Excellent condition; light; good battery life; evenly lit screen
  • Old-fashioned looks
  • The best keyboard, a good screen and top system performance and battery life ...

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  Veröffentlicht: 2007-11-12, Testbericht von:

  • Full desktop performance in an ultraportable form factor, Elegant design coupled with excellent rugged construction, ThinkPad’s legendary keyboard, Availability of optional features such as Turbo Memory, WWAN connectivity, and Ultrabase
  • Screen is inherently difficult to view at different angles, Sounds is a bit low, Battery tends to give a little over time, and hibernation software not 100 percent perfect, System comes full of bloatware
  • The ThinkPad X61 is an excellent ultraportable worth the premium charged for its light weight, and ultra strong build. I’d recommend upgrading to 2 GB of memory, the 8 cell battery, and perhaps the X6 ultrabase. These additional costs should b...

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  Veröffentlicht: 2007-11-06, Testbericht von:

  • Zusammenfassung:  Laptops are becoming as ubiquitous as mobile phones and it is now rare to see executives travel without them. Lenovo, which acquired IBM’s former PC division, has held rigidly to the company’s standard of producing high-quality, well-engineere...

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  Veröffentlicht: 2007-10-22, Testbericht von:

  • Zusammenfassung:  The X61 was the heaviest ultra-portable engineers examined, weighing in at 3.11 pounds, and thats without an internal optical drive. It measures 1.39 inches in thickness when the screen is closed. Its screen was one of the largest, measuring 12.1 inches...

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  Veröffentlicht: 2007-09-21, Testbericht von:

  • Zusammenfassung:  A solid, security-conscious notebook

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  Veröffentlicht: 2007-09-19, Testbericht von:

  • Quality components. * Solid Build and Durable. * Feature-set. * Verizon WWAN built-in * Both XP or Vista available.
  • UltraBase is expensive. * Some glitches (mostly vista related)
  • The X61 is a premium quality, ultra-portable laptop, designed with business-class users in mind. The advanced security features reinsure me that my data is safe. If you don’t love vista you might opt to get XP instead. Lenovo put some serious though...

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  Veröffentlicht: 2007-09-01, Testbericht von:

  • Solid performance; good feature set; comfortable keyboard for an ultraportable
  • Optical drive not integrated; UltraBase dock adds weight, bulk
  • Business travelers in the market for an ultraportable need to consider the ThinkPad X61. It has power to spare and all the features youre likely to need. ...

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