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  Veröffentlicht: 2008-09-07, Testbericht von:

  • Generally good DVDR/±RW writing quality and performance, Very fast 48x CDR and 32x CDRW writing, Very fast at writing DVD±R DL media, Can burn selected DVD±R media faster than its rated speed, Excellent reading performance and reliability, Supports Bi
  • CDRW and DVD±RW writing quality could be improved.
  • PositiveGenerally good DVD-R/±RW writing quality and performance.Very fast 48x CD-R and 32x CD-RW writingVery fast at writing DVD±R DL media.Can burn selected DVD±R media faster than its rated speed.Excellent reading performance and reliability.Supports B...

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  Veröffentlicht: 2008-07-21, Testbericht von:

  • CD writing qualityIncludes software from Nero and CyberLink, Supports bitsetting for DVDR and DVDR DL media, Affordably priced
  • Questionable writing quality with some DVD±R and DVDR DL media, Had a hard time reaching its rated speeds when reading pressed discs, Reads DVDVideos at only 6x, Cannot set the book type of DVDRW media, Cannot do write quality testing, Overburns to only 9...
  • Like many people, I never expected DVD writing speeds to reach 20x, let alone 22x. Nevertheless, LG has pulled off this impressive feat with the GH22LP20. Aimed squarely at enthusiasts, this new "Super-Multi" drive offers features like SecurDisc and Li...

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