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  • I can't think of another highend desktop speaker system today with an audiophile pedigree and a MartinLoganlike sound. While these are more expensive than injectionmold plastic speakers, you are actually getting a system of significance for your money, The bass on the XDC1 is better than anything I have heard in a desktop system. The highs are more open and resolute than the legendary $2,000 E
  • It's tough not to have any USB inputs in today's desktop audio market. The XDC1 has been around for a while but, at its price, I would have liked to see USB inputs, as these would allow it to hang more as a standalone audio system. With that said, the Xhifi XDC1 is best in class desktop audio, The included speaker cables look like Radio Shack zip cord. It's the only touch of the XDC1 that isn'
  • If you can swing the $995 asking price, the XDC-1 will usher you into a world where your high-end expectations don't have to get checked at the door of your office as you turn on your computer. It also equally supercharges your iPod or gaming console, ...

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